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Hi there, welcome to LJTProductions!

LJTProductions, (or Lord Jabeebus’ Technological Productions), is an independent video game brand focused on creating fun, adventure-filled games.

LJTProductions is run by a 20-year-old man under the alias, “Legendary L”, who hopes to make a living doing what he’s loved most since he was 14: Being creative and making interactive stories for many to play and experience.

LJTProductions is focused on quality over quantity. Getting every story out is important, but so is making them as best as they can be.

No matter how long it takes!

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Featured Project

In this game, you play as 15-year-old Cole Andrews, on an accidental journey in a virtual isometric 3D world.

He doesn’t know exactly how he got there. All he knows for sure is that he has to find a way out!

The only way out is to reach the emergency exit at the very top of the world.

To reach the top, you’ll have to traverse from Altitude to Altitude, solving puzzles, and surpassing obstacles along the way.

Most of all, you’ll have to work with a very important ability, Perspective.

There’s more to the world than you think!

It’s full of illusions and tricks that will try to stop you from reaching the top!

Thankfully, perspective will allow you to break each illusion by rotating your viewpoint 90 degrees at a time.

An area or clue that you can’t reach or find might be hidden in a certain direction.

Be warned! You won’t always be able to rely on Perspective!

You’ll have to rely on your own skills to reach the exit and help Cole make it back home to the real world!

Remember, everything is not what it seems...

Good luck!




- October 2021 -
> Public v1.0.2 - 10/17/21
- Renamed the title for the card on the Contact page to make it less... creepy.
> Public v1.0.1 - 10/15/21
- Adjusted the spacing of certan elements on the Contact page.
- Ran each new page through a spell checker to fix any grammatical and structural mistakes.
> Public v1.0.0 - 10/14/21
- Restructured the site to now contain display compatiblity with multiple dimensions.
- Redesigned content elements to have better visual appeal.
- Added new transitional animations that can be applied to any elements.
- Optimized and reorganized internal functions and assets.
- Updated the styling of hex objects to now include edge style changing.
- Added a new mini navigation that can be used by mobile, tablet, and certain desktop devices.
- Removed rotating gears and floating panels due to visual issues & fluidity.
- Updated text and image scaling to be both visually appealing and fluid.
- Touched up the responsive protocols to remove unused tags.
- Separated the work loads from each file to different "libraries".
- Updated the footer to be responsive to text scaling.
- Fixed responsive issues when resizing windows.
- Fixed an issue with dropdown paragraphs causing text scale issues.
- Fixed an issue where rescaling with the mini navigation open would cause desktop navigation and mobile to cease working.
- Fixed an issue where having the gallery expansion overlay open and hitting "ESC" would cause the navigation to show instead of closing the expansion.
- Fixed an issue with expansion content scaling that would cause the content to go past the highest dimension size.
- September 2021 -
> Beta v0.1.4 - 9/30/21
- Continued the work on the other missing pages.
- Added a temporary device response to scale MOST of the text.
- Continued to update the projects page for IW further.
- Fixed incorrect year numbers on the logs.
- Fixed a font size issue with the temporary scaling.
> Beta v0.1.3 - 9/2/21
- Added meta data to create a title card for page links.
- August 2021 -
> Beta v0.1.2 - 8/31/21
- Added in a new blue marker in the Projects page.
- Fixed the month numbers on the changlog as they were incorrectly dated.
- Fixed the styling of some dropdown menus that weren't constant with the others.
> Beta v0.1.1 - 8/29/21
- Changed the styling of lists in dropdowns.
- Added the changlog window.
- Added in blank html foor the Community, About, and Contact pages.
- Changed the title of the About Us button to About for convenience
> Beta v0.1.0 - 8/28/21
- Updated the structure of the content panels to match the new theme.
- Updated the background to utilize the new Connections pattern.
- Added in a new Gallery object into the website.
- Restructured the content handeling to multiple pages instead of 1 whole page.
- Changed the logo colors from white to Timeline Blue.
- Added a new flip info card for the Projects page.
- Added in a new Mini Tab info cards.
- Added in Thumbnail links which allow both content and tab based info.
- Fixed an issue where loading the background loop would cause Gallery objects to not work.
- Fixed an issue where gallery expanded video objects would not stop when you close the window.
- Fixed an issue where the expansion window would not update its object data when changed.